Client Testimonials

“I began working with John at the turn of the year. As a lady of a certain age and somewhat stuck, for me John is an invaluable sounding board. As well as challenging me on some of my long held and not necessarily helpful beliefs, he is also helping me to un-pick goals that to me seem insurmountable, into less threatening and more manageable/achievable bite-sized chunks. I find John very easy to talk to, he has a familiarity about him that makes you feel like you’ve known him longer and is the cheerleader we all need. I would highly recommend John as your Life Coach choice. Meet him with an open mind and heart and begin your journey.”

Aileen M

“When I first met John I was going through a massive transition in life and was really struggling to believe in myself and have a direction in life especially my work life. John is a, natural coach, his values-centered guidance challenged me to think beyond just ‘the job search’ and focus more on finding a career that would capitalize on my passions and strengths this also flowed into other areas of my life. His uplifting, positive, and fun personality made it easy for me to open up he was great to work with. He gave me wonderful suggestions that helped me to feel more confident and believe in myself and with thanks to John I have made plans for my future which I am really excited about.”


“Brilliant sessions looking deeply at what I needed for my management skills, changed my work and in the process changed my life.”

Steph K

“The beauty of coaching with John is that it helped me identify and reach potential I never thought I had in every aspect of my work and personal life.”

Allan Cairns, Depot Manager, Malcolm Logistics.

“With John, you will find a coach who listens well, investing more than just a friendly ear. He has a wealth of experience and provided me with actionable steps to improve immediately. I would highly recommend John to anyone.”

Gillian Mullen, Learning & Development Adviser, Malcolm’s Logistics.

“I know it was short notice so a big thank you for this last week’s hard work getting me ready for my interview, which went brilliant.”


“I got the job! Just Brilliant, can’t thank you enough, those little gems worked a treat.”


“John really helped me at a time when I was struggling to focus in on what my next career move should be. I was on a work sabbatical and needed a lot of direction on how to get my CV and Personal Statement fit for purpose. John spent a lot of quality time on these aspects with me, and geared me up to make an impact when approaching employers for the first time. This has given me confidence in the search for my next career move. I would recommend John’s services to any one needing an expert to guide them in their career.”

Scott Stephen

“John has provided Executive Coaching to me the past few months. He has coached me to be a better leader, helped me with the skills required to identify the key areas of improvement in our business and assisted me with techniques in managing areas of conflict with senior staff. He personalised his content to make it relevant to my business and the sessions were interactive and thought provoking. Overall this has resulted in a much more productive and happier workplace for myself and my team.”

Lynnette Thomson

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