Nail that Job Interview!

Research concludes that the key to a great performance at a Job Interview is: Preparation, Structure and Practice.

Are you in the process of applying for a new job or have you been invited to interview

If you are then I can help you get that job!


HR Professionals have a structured and clearly developed approach to recruitment and selection of employees, they must, as 

the employment market and legislation demands it. If you understand this structure, then you are off to a flying start. 


Everything you need to get that job is provided for you. In fact so much of it that its difficult to see the wood from 

the trees, the job advert, the job description, the application form, the person specification, the company values, who 

you report to what you will be responsible for and more!


Therefore your first task, a critical task, is to write or update your CV.  For many, it’s time to hit ‘Google’! and within minutes 

you are saturated with so much information, ideas, formats and advice all riddled with adverts and American style ‘resumes’. 

What do I include, how far back do I go, what are they looking for, what is a degree equivalent, how do I explain my time out, 

why did I leave that job, do I provide a cover letter and how is that different?  Questions, dilemmas and more questions!!!!


If you get over this hurdle then it’s off to interview and suddenly you’re faced with an interview in a few weeks. It’s 

been years! what are they looking for, what is a competence based interview, how does an assessment centre work 

and perhaps you also have to make a presentation:- back to ‘Google’ !!


One to One Coaching

As an interview coach, I help people ‘get the job’. As a previous Director of Human Resources I have considerable 

experience of sifting CV’s, interviewing and selecting people across a broad range of methods including behaviour based 

interviews, competency based interviews, technical skill assessments, presentations and assessment centres


Review of CV Content

Analyses of Job Description and Person Specification.

Identification of Suitable Experiences for Interview Answers.

A Structure for Competence Based Questions

How to Answer the Top Ten General Questions.

Presentation Techniques

Mock Interviews

An overview of what you can expect from me.


1. Creating your Coaching Plan: The first step is to analyse where you are and where you want to be! This initial session is about getting to know each other and to build trust between us. We will discuss what you wish to achieve or improve, what position you are applying for, your work experience, your skills and achievements, your strengths and development needs. From that discussion, if I am the coach for you, we will create a plan defining topics, the number of sessions and costs.


2. Reviewing your CV or Application Form: Depending where you are in the process this session is all about refining your application or CV to suit the Job you are applying for. We will analyse the Job Description, Person Specification and Company Profile and from this we will create an application that fits that specific job.


3. Presenting the Best Version of You: I will provide you with a simple and structured model that will form the foundation of your interview strategy. You will learn how to apply my model to any question or presentation. I will coach you through techniques for projecting your voice, maximising your body language, how to engage with people, be authentic, professional and competent. 


4. Delivering Succinct and Focussed Answers: This is a key skill of the competent interviewee. You will learn how to respond to different types of questions, opinion based, behaviour based, competence based and value based. I will coach you through the top ten questions asked at interviews. You will learn techniques and structures which will enhance your performance. Be prepared to put some work in!


5. Presentations are an Opportunity to Showcase you:  I will coach you on how to structure your presentation, how to engage with your audience, how to make an impact within the allocated time. You will learn how to create your key messages and deliver a powerful finish. 


6. Practice, Practice, Practice is the key to a great performance. We will work through a series of mock interviews and questioning where you will develop your answering skills and grow with confidence

Your interview performance will improve significantly.

For an Investment of £195 you will receive the following:

A 2hr, in-depth presentation on Interview Techniques.

3 x 1hr mock Interviews analysing your performance.

A 25-page PDF on how to answer the top ten general questions.

A unique structure for creating your own competence based answers.

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