Embrace challenges & opportunities

Life Coaching is all about achieving meaningful and sustained change in your life by creating a mindset that actively seeks out and embraces challenges and opportunities.

As your life coach I will help you do that quickly and effectively, often reaching levels beyond what you thought was possible.


Why I am a Life Coach.

After retiring from the Fire Service, I felt drawn to life coaching.

It seemed that having spent thirty years being there for people on what was often the worst days of their lives, that If I could apply the same principles to helping people achieve meaningful change in their lives then that would be incredible and very rewarding.


Common topics I deal with:

• Personal relationships

• Workplace relationships

• Building self-confidence

• Eating healthy and weight loss

• Improving your fitness levels

• Developing your business

• Developing management skills

• Being a leader in business

• Public speaking

• Presentation skills

• Job hunting

and many more…….


To Build Lasting Trust

To Put You First, above all Others

To Listen, Not Talk, Just Listen

To Provide Measured Challenge and Scrutiny

To Guide and Stimulate New Thinking

To Stand beside you as you Dismantle Barriers

I will help you reach levels beyond what you thought was possible


The model is simple:

In the centre is your current comfort zone where you usually reside.

What you would like to achieve as your potential is the outer line.

We then move from the comfort zone to the learning or development zone by dismantling any barriers and taking small incremental steps towards the potential line.

When reached this becomes the comfort zone ready to be breeched again.


1. Call, email or complete the contact form to arrange an initial consultation.

2. Commit to a one-hour FREE consultation.

3. Commit to the ‘Unique U’ four-month life changing challenge.

4. Commit to engage / discuss / analyze / set goals and achieve!

For a one-off investment of £245 you will receive:

4 Months of Unconditional Commitment and Support.

4 x 1-hour ‘face to face’ coaching sessions (one per month)

4 x 30min telephone coaching sessions (one per month)

Unlimited email support.

Unlimited telephone support.

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