Leadership is Contagious!

74% of UK professionals mirror the best and worst leadership traits of their colleagues

As a manager would you feel great if your colleagues mirrored your best leadership traits?

If they were inspired by you, thought you were competent, decisive and someone they could trust?

As your coach I can help you achieve that outcome quickly and effectively.


Being under increasing pressure to perform.

Managing difficult people.

A desire to be a better manager.

Managing underperforming people.

Building an effective team.

How to work with your boss.

Making theory work in practice.

A coach can help you compress time, your most valuable asset

It often takes years of studying qualifications and learning from mistakes to become a highly effective manager, as your coach I can help you achieve in months what would normally take years.

I provide management coaching because I have tons of empathy with managers, I understand the pressures that you endure, I have been there and made the mistakes, I have years of practical management experience up to executive director level along with a wealth of academic qualifications and a deep understanding of how to practically apply management and leadership theory.

If your new to management, feeling stuck in the middle or working at strategic level I can help you excel. I work with individuals or full management teams.


As your mentor I will provide you with a range of exceptional support that that will help you become a great manager, for your investment you will get:

An analysis of your management & leadership experience.

A development plan which is created specifically for you.

One to one mentoring and coaching sessions.

One to one learning of management theories and principles.

Email Support.

Ongoing telephone support.

Crisis intervention discussions and meetings.

Research and client feedback by the Association of Coaching consistently demonstrate that top companies who engage in coaching and mentoring see a significantly increased ROI in comparison to the coaching service cost.

That is in addition to major cultural improvements with improvement in talent retention, enhanced people engagement (relationships), high performing teams (team working) and job satisfaction.

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For a one-off investment of £245 you will receive:

4 Months of Unconditional Commitment and Support.

4 x 1-hour ‘face to face’coaching seesions (One per month)

4 x 30min telephone coaching sessions (one per month)

Unlimited email support.

Unlimited telephone support.


Corporate Rates for Executive Coaching with Management Teams starts at a very competitive rate of £350 per day.

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