So what did I Learn?

I have read many management & leadership models and theories, looking for that golden nugget, the magic pill, seeking the wisdom in others as to how I should become a great manager or an inspirational leader. John Adair, Steven Covey, Charles Handy, Lewin, Hershey & Blanchard, so many differing views, is it behaviours or traits or situations, or what?

So what did I learn? always ask yourself that question, it’s a great question.

I learned that you should develop your own model, what is the point in taking someone else’s model and trying to squeeze yourself into it, you are unique and so your management or leadership model should be unique to you.

Let me share a real-life example from Alan, I coached Alan and he is good with this. When we met, we worked on management tools and techniques, he said to me I have an ‘open door policy’, anyone can come in and see me anytime. Ask yourself how many times have you heard that. I asked so what do you think someone goes through to build up the courage to come through your door, into your territory and have everyone see them do it, do you think they may be nervous, how might that feel to them walking from the factory floor, past their colleagues, across the yard, past the office staff, up to your door and asking to see you, how long have they taken to build up the courage, how many have given up before they even start?

After a few weeks of working through what is meant by the term ‘an open-door policy’ Alan ended up creating his own model, he called it his ‘Revolving Door Policy’ meaning that he left his office and went out to have a real discussion on a personal level with his staff, he learned things he never knew, he learned how things could be done better and most importantly he built trust.

So my point is by all means take account of models and theories, they are important, however create your own  model, one that is unique to you.

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